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PC Wire Plain & Indented
  • Profile- High Tensile Wire and Strand for pre-stresses in concrete structure by virtue of improved proportional limit, higher ductility combined with higher strengths. They may be supplied in drawn or drawn straightened or stress relieved conditions.They can also be supplied in plain or indented finish. These are manufactured to different international standards and to the specific requirement of each customer.

  • Applications-In the construction of bridges, dams, buildings,nuclear reactor vessels, poles pipes ,rail road sleepers etc

General Info


Pre-stressed concrete wire find applications in
  • Pole reinforcement
  • Prestressed Concrete pips
  • Railway Sleepers


  • Close combination of high strength and ductility
  • Uniform indentation in dented PC Wire.
  • Consistency of physical properties
  • Uniform and appropriate surface finish

Quality Assurance

Inbuilt quality checks at all stages of production from steel making, rolling, wire drawing. Consistency in properties. Narrow tolerances

Test Procedure

Attributes tested : Size, breaking Load, Tensile strength, Elongation, Bends, Yield Strength, Modulus of Elasticity and any other customer specific requirements

Quality Report :

Each shipment is accompanied by a Mill Test Certificate.

PC Wire 3mm 3ply Plain PC wire {for home pipes}
IS - 6003 IS - 6006 IS - 1785 {Pt2}
BS - 5896 BS- BS-

PC. Wire (indeented) for pole reinforcement

IS : 6003

  • Diameter 4.00 + 0.05mm
  • UTS - 1715 N/mm2 (Min)

Proof Stress

at 0.2% extn. Min. 85% of tensile strength
% Elongation Min. 3.0% at 200mm gauge length
Reverse Bend Min. 3 Bends
Indentations as per clause 4.2 of IS - 6003
Relaxation test 100 hours, once in a month & 1000 hours once in a year
for 100 hrs. - Max. loss in applied load - 3.5%
for 100 hrs. - Max. loss in applied load - 5.0%

PC. Wire for Railway Sleepers

Uncoated stress relieved strand for pre-stress concrete (3mm,3ply)

 IS : 6006

Nominal cross sectional area of strand 21.21mm2
Nominal mass of strand (9m/meter) 1669m/meter
Breaking load of strand 38.25kn (min)
Proof load of strand 32.460 (min)
Lay lenth of strand 72 to 108 mm
% Elongation min. 3.5% at 200 mm G.L.
Relaxation test #FFF7E6 For 100 hrs., max. loss in applied load - 3.5% for 1000 hrs., max loss in applied load - 5.0%

PC. Wire for Pre-stressed Concrete Pipes

 Plain hard drawn steel wire for pre-stressed concrete for home pipes

IS : 1785 (PT2)

Diameter 4.0 + 0.03 mm
UTS 1715 N/mm2 (min.)
Reverse Bend Min. 3 Bends
% Elongation Mn 3.0% at 200mm Gauge length
Proof Stress 131.25 wt/mm2 (min.)

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