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We are a reputed India based organization which has made its mark in the national & international market as reliable manufacturers & exporters of steel wires, alloy steel, carbon & aluminum wires viz., ACSR core wire, PC wire, Steel wire armoured cables, ball bearing wire, etc. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Bajranj Wire Products (India) Pvt. LTD. is work for customer satisfaction with Controlling pollution, saving resource, promoting utilization and build 'BAJRANG WIRE' into an ecological iron and steel enterprise. Here you find unmatched reliability according to the standards. The company has touched new heights in customer satisfaction with its stress on quality and timely delivery of products.
ACSR Core Wire ACSR Core Wire
  Cable & Conductor ACSR Core wire is used in reinforcement of aluminium conductors used in distribution and transmission of electricity.
CA Wire & Strip CA Wire & Strip
  Cable armouring wires are used in armouring of cables, which find application in the power segment.
PC Wire - Plain / Indented PC Wire-Plan / Indented
  PC Wires are used in building & construction industry, especially in the construction of bridges, dams, poles, pipes, rail road, sleepers, etc.
Ball Bearing Wire Ball Bearing Wire
  Ball Bearing Wire is used for manufacturing ball bearings, needle roller, taper roller & grinding media balls, etc.
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